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Engineered Burmese Teak Natural
Product ID: e012
Oringin: Asia
Species: Burmese Teak
Color: Natural
Construction Type: Engineered
Finish: Aluminum Oxide. High Gloss or Semi Gloss.
Dimensions: 3/8 IN x 3-5/8 IN or 5 IN x RL
1/2 IN x 3-5/8 IN or 5 IN x RL
Edge Profile: Square, Micro Bevel or Full Bevel.

A real premium wood, which offers the greatest stability. Burmese Teak is a gorgeous tight grained hardwood with a natural beautiful grain. It is a rich golden brown in color, but may also vary from rich brown to a deep, chocolate brown with dark, almost black, markings. The grain may be either straight or wavy with conspicuous growth rings. It is well know for its coarse texture and oily feel.
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